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Who can request data


    Investigators of research groups accredited by the IDIAP or investigators of primary care of the CIH, which will be charged a lower amount.

    The research projects of research groups accredited by the IDIAP Jordi Gol are considered high priority by the SIDIAP.

    Investigators of research groups from other public research institutions can also apply to obtain data from the SIDIAP.

    The regulatory framework that determines access to SIDIAP data by other groups and/or institutions is implemented by means of a signed agreement. To determine access conditions to the data we will take into account various aspects, including data safety.


    The SIDIAP does not provide data to for profit organisations. However, the SIDIAP can conduct research projects and deliver to such organization the report of the results at the end of the investigation.

    To begin with, a research group of the IDIAP will be in charge of defining the design of the study together with the external entity. After the protocol has been concluded and approved with the necessary changes requested by the Scientific and Ethical Committees of the SIDIAP, the research team will carry out the investigation and will deliver the different reports as stated in the signed agreement between the IDIAP Jordi Gol and the external organization. These studies will follow the ENCEPP Code of Conduct (

    Key elements of a collaboration

    • Data use for research purposes only
    • Objectives of the projecte not opposed to the health care policies of the Catalan Health Institute
    • The approval of studies by the local ethics and governance bodies ies rquired prior to the study execution
    • No transfer of raw data to the study sponsor. IDIAP is responsible for the study design and analysis of data. A final study report is delivered.
    • Freedom to perfom studies for other clients
    • Freedom of publication. Scientific independence according ENCEPP rules
    • Limitation of liability to the total amount for each study
    • Intelectual Property Rights. The IPR belong to the IDIAP Jordi Gol; or at least it reserves the right of use the Results for the direct development of research or educational programs or projects in relation to the Results undertaken by its own research teams
    • Delivery of a copy of the final report to the Catalan Health Institute for internal use


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