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Assessment criteria

The criteria to be taken into account when evaluating projects requesting use of SIDIAP data by the Scientific Committee are the following:

  1. SIDIAP feasibility.
  2. Scientific Quality and clinical relevance of the project.
  3. Degree of interference with current IDIAP groups research lines.  Projects originating with IDIAP groups will have priority over the rest.
  4. Compatibility with CHI clinical strategies (organization, pharmaceutical policy...)
  5. Degree of funding which the project may contribute. Projects must be able to pay the production costs of SIDIAP data if we want SIDIAP to be self-sustaining. Therefore all projects must have officially sought funding. However, projects which after attempting this have not been able to obtain financing, if of great relevance and interest, will be further evaluated, and those considered of maximum interest to any of our stakeholders will in certain occasions obtain a special subsidy for them to be carried out

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