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    Research projects conducted by a research team that follows a protocol previously approved by the Scientific Committee SIDIAP and the Clinical Research Ethics Committee (CREC) of the IDIAP Jordi Gol.

    The research projects can originate from competitive calls for proposals, from projects with funds available from other sources and from programmes promoted by public or private institutions.

    Protocols submitted to SIDIAP need to include the following areas:

    • Tittle
    • PI (name, email, organiozation)
    • Abstract (Objectives, Design, Setting, Participants, Variables and Measurements, Expected results, Applicability, Strengths and Limitations). Maximum 250 words
    • Key Words
    • Background and state of the art, including references
    • Hypothesis and Objectives
      • Hypothesis
      • Main objectives
      • Specific objectives
    • Methodology
      • Study design
      • Setting and study period
      • Inclusion and exclusion criteria
      • Sample size and selection of the sample
      • Variables (dependent and independent)
      • Data Collection and Sources of data
      • Statistical analysis
      • Study limitations
    • Ethical aspects and Data Confidentiality
    • Additional procedures (include detailed explanation of procedures to be performed with participants which are not of usual care) (if appropriate)
    • Work Plan (broken down by task and investigators and timetable)
    • Scientific and technical background of research team related to the topic
    • Applicability and utility of the study
    • Available resources to carry out the project
    • Budget
      • Conflicts of interest (if appropriate)
    • Annexes (if appropriate) (Patient Information Sheet, Participant Informed Consent Form).

    In order to help ensure that protocols submitted for review contain adequate information for protocol evaluation, we provide the following guide "Contingut d'un Protocol de Recerca amb SIDIAP" which can be downloaded here. (temporarily avilable only in catalan)


    Studiesthat provide approximate data; the quality control mechanisms are not applied, since the objective is solely to obtain a first approach to the problem to determine if further investigation is warranted.

    These projects do not produce any scientific publication since the information would not have the precision nor guarantees required in a scientific manuscript.
    The cost of these studies depends on their complexity and they are usually completed in a brief period of time.

    For further information about database click here.

    For a first approach, when we need to know the N in the database of a particular health condition or pharmacological drug.

    Investigators must identify the health problem with an ICD-10 code or the medication with the ATC code; only the N figure will be provided, without stratification or adjustment..

    This data will be given for free as a measure of feasibility; this N must not be published (it can only be used in applications for funding and study protocols).


    Graphical representation of data in vector maps of Catalonia. Maps are available at provincial, district service, primary care service, basic area of health and primary care teams level, census tract 2001 and 2011

    Mapes Vectorials 1 

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